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Julianne Ankley's soulful Blue Country, Americana style hails from a small Michigan border town close to the shore of Lake Huron and within earshot of the musical influences of Detroit.


Ankley’s newly released music video for ”The Ghost of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse" is a fictional story song about a lightkeeper that was murdered and now haunts the oldest lighthouse in the state of Michigan forevermore. The song was released on her album "With Love from Lake Huron" in 2020 and won the 2021 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Country Recording. 


With fourteen Detroit Music Awards, Julianne Ankley has been writing heartfelt songs and delivering electric performances for years.  To date she has released 4 solo albums and 4 singles. Her songs have been used on national television (WXYZ ABC) for the annual “Woodward Dream Cruise” special,  she performed live on the nationally televised “America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (WDIV NBC), and by HomeAid of America for PSA campaigns to raise funds for housing the homeless. Julianne tours nationally as a performer/speaker and also splits her time between writing and recording in Nashville and her home in Michigan.


As a songwriter, Julianne has written with hit songwriters, Byron Hill, Dave Gibson, Mike Dekle, Gary Hannan, Amanda Williams, Jon D'Agostino, Michelle Chenard, and Caleb Malooley of the Gasoline Gypsies. She has performed at many songwriter shows alongside hit writers including Aaron Barker Sr., Chas Sandford, Gary Hannan, Dave Gibson, Heidi Newfield, Kristen Kelly, Byron Hill, Angie Kielhauer, Jeff Prince, Bernie Nelson, and Barbara Cloyd.


She's been the celebrity host and performer for the Hard Rock Cafe stages in Nashville during the CMA Fest for several years, and continues to perform at Nashville’s top songwriting venues such as the world-famous Bluebird Cafe, the Listening Room, Douglas Corner Cafe, Tootsie’s, and more.

The Rogues are Brian "Roscoe" White, Roger Noonan , Rob Emanuel, and Anamaria Ylizaliturri. 

Julianne Ankley is also an active voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammys. 


"The best of Detroit Country Music shines through in this relevant and very poignant song from a present day soldier’s mother's point of view. 'He's Still My Boy' is a well-written piece of American pie that really hits home. Our heroes give of themselves every day and their families pay just as big of a price and that is what this song is all about. Julianne can sing and she can ever more write a good song. When I read about this on Twitter I downloaded it right away. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"  - Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys 
"Julianne is what music is all about ... unique, talented, capable of singing with emotion, and delivers a powerful, original message." - Tim Roberts, Program Director, WYCD-FM Detroit 

"Julianne Ankley exemplifies dedication to her art and is focused on her craft. She is very talented...a true artist and songwriter."  -  Cowboy Troy / Warner Nashville
(about "Christmas In Your Heart") "Amazing song…perfectly done.  Brings back the feeling when I was a kid coming back from my Aunt and Uncles house with my parents.  Instantly puts you back in time when Family, Friends, and Love is all that mattered at Christmas instead of buying the next new thing that won't be played with by February.  Congrats Ms. Ankley…Job well done.  - Deb Roysdon / Hoosier Music News 
(about "Vivid") "Julianne put together the perfect combination when making this cd .. Heartfelt lyrics, soulful singing and a groove you can get lost in for days!! Vivid is like an emotional kaleidoscope twisting and turning through heartbreak, inspiration, anger and just plain fun! Go on and color your world Vivid!" - Dee Carpenter
"Julianne's songs are so honest and heartfelt, they hit the listener like a sucker-punch directly to the soul. She pleads her case in a strong and vibrant voice, wringing every nuance from her lyrics. A stand-up gal and an emotionally committed writer/performer indeed!" - Nolan Mendenhall, Producer of It Ain't Over EP, Vivid and Don't Let Go
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