"Why" - written by Julianne Ankley and performed in concert with her band the Rogues at Lexington Village Theatre in Lexington, Michigan. Video directed by Stephen Clark, Photography by Andrzej Milosz, with Nashville footage by Stephen Clark and Mary Jo Ferguson. @2019 Julianne Ankley / Indigo Violet Music (BMI) Song recorded at Beaird Music Group, Nashville, TN.

WXYZ Presents the 20th Annual Televised Woodward Dream Cruise Video 

Julianne and her song, "Lead Footin' In the Left Lane" were featured in WXYZ's promotional video for the 20th Annual Woodward Dreamcruise in Detroit, Michigan, presented by Chevrolet. 

No Place For A Lullabye


Julianne's video, No Place For A Lullabye, explores the life of a mother fallen on hard times, trying to make life as normal as possible for her two children while living in a car. Shot to bring about awareness of homeless families, as well as places women can go for help in these situations, 

No Place For A Lullabye was used by the national organization Home Aid in their 2010 campaign to raise money to build new facilities where America's homeless can rebuild their lives.